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10390 Asheville Hwy

Inman, SC 29349

3D Scanning Services

Ensure that your new equipment will fit into existing buildings, plants, or warehouses. 3D scanners quickly take precise measurements of your structure or location, providing invaluable data to guide installation projects. Our scanners are capable of modelling both equipment and structures, indoors and outdoors.

360-Degree Plant Scanning

Model structures to prevent the need for blueprints

Machine / Parts Scanning

Quickly model any machine or part

Reverse Engineering

Recreate any piece of equipment

Obsolete Part Production

Produce new parts that you’re unable to purchase

Optical Alignment

Ensure precise alignment


Quality control

About Our 3D Scanning Services

To provide our 3D scanning services, we use three industry-leading scanners.

Faro Focus M70

This aerial scanner is used for large-scale assembly lines, 3D factory scanning, and warehouse buildings. It can collect as-built data of a warehouse and insert a CAD model to determine the new placement of machinery for interference. Along with collecting point cloud data, it takes high resolution images. The preferred CAD programs used for large point cloud data is Inventor and Navisworks.

Artec Eva

Works well for creating as-builts and reverse engineering small to medium-size machinery with high accuracy. The data is first recorded and registered in Artec Studio for piecing or stitching the scan data together and then exported as an .stl format that is brought into Geomagic Design X or Geomagic for Solidworks. From there, the data is extracted to pass to either Inventor or Solidworks.

Faro Edge Arm

This scanner has a touch probe as well as an attached scanner for reverse engineering small parts that will be machined. The arm works well as a CMM for checking parts to the original CAD model. For reverse engineering, we use Geomagic Design X and Geomagic for Solidworks.