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Electrical Power and Control Engineering

Whether you have an idea for a new machine or whether you want to upgrade a machine that has obsolete parts, our team has the expertise you need. We have experience with a variety of machine types. From industrial machines for web handling (fabric or material) to process and part making machinery, we’ve completed projects that involve design of control systems, fabrication, programming, and installation.

Electrical & Controls Capabilities


PLC / HMI / SCADA Programming — Modifications of existing programs and conversion of old programs to newer versions or platforms as well as control strategy and process control development and SCADA master plan development

Process Optimization —Streamlining processes for profitability

Data Collection / Historian Systems — Record and retrieve production and process data

Batch Manufacturing Processes — Batch process design and improvement

MES & Enterprise Data Sharing Platforms — Secure data sharing for business intelligence

OEE & Downtown Measurement Systems — Improve manufacturing productivity

System Simulation — Factory simulation testing

Coordinated Drive Systems — Design of coordinated drive systems for metal rolling, metal processing, coil coating, plastic film, and more

Arc Flash Studies — Ensure that safety standards are being met

Control Panel Design / Build — Design of control systems, fabrication, programming, installation

Complete System Checkout & Training — Ensure your team knows how to operate your equipment safely

AutoCAD Electrical / E-Plan / SEE Electrical — Experience in all major software systems

Professional Engineering — Certified professional engineers have the capability of placing certification seals on designs (for all categories)

Automation for Improvement

Automation can be a key contributor to faster, more accurate production. Outdated control systems and manual processes put your plant at a disadvantage and give competitors an edge.

Automate your process systems to gather critical operating data, optimize operations, increase process efficiencies, improve production, and ultimately reduce costs.


Process Automation

Whether utilizing the most modern control systems or optimizing existing in-plant systems, our automation team will keep you running so that you can continue to improve your processes, increase plant production, and reduce costs with limited downtime.


Factory/Industrial Automation

With years of proven experience in the automation of manufacturing processes, quality control systems and material handling processes, our team is adept in integrating PLC controls, robotics, vision systems, and component indexing applications into your plant.


Control System Upgrades/Migration

We’ve been involved with many control systems upgrades and migrations. Our clients are upgrading old systems and taking advantage of modern technologies to leap ahead of their competition. We know what needs to be done to execute a smooth migration process. We function as an unbiased partner to assist in the assessment and selection of the best platform for the needs of your plant.


Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)

Today’s control systems packages have the ability to harness the power of your manufacturing data. Monitoring your process and production lines is only helpful if you know how to take advantage of the data you are getting. Our team designs and implements MES systems that provide actionable insights to improve your bottom line.