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Toll Free: (800) 697-3869

Local:  (864) 278-5000

10390 Asheville Hwy

Inman, SC 29349

Full Scope of Civil and Structural Engineering Services

We offer a full scope of civil and structural services, including industrial machinery foundation design, mezzanine platform design, equipment support design, machinery supports, custom structures, maintenance monorails, and foundations. Our team is also experienced in conducting engineering and feasibility studies for improvements and maintenance of existing building structures and foundations.

Machine Support Structures — Designing structures to support equipment used in industrial processing, petrochemical, waste/recycling processes, and more, both interior and exterior

Machine / Equipment Foundations — Engineering foundations for machines, machine tools, and heavy equipment with wide ranges of speeds, loads, and operating conditions

Access Platforms / Mezzanines / Catwalks —Designing platforms, mezzanines, and catwalks for employees to access machines safely

Building Support & Structures — Structural design and building integrity

Facilities Assessment / Safety Analysis — Risk assessments and safety analysis for compliance

Building Structures: Steel Condition, Code Compliance

Integrity of Walls, Floors, and Roofs

Pipe Rack Structure: Steel Condition, Code Compliance

Building Equipment: Duct and Wire Trays, Piping Supports

Building Equipment: Stability, Integrity

Structural Engineering Expertise

The structural engineers at SDS are registered in multiple states, so you’re assured the professional engineering certifications you need. Our team has provided services for companies in a wide range of industries, and we have experience designing a variety of different structures, supports, and foundations. We also conduct facilities assessments and analyses for cost estimating, code compliance, and safety.